About Us

 Who We Are

Ashlee Tiles is a new, vibrant tiling company with a fresh outlook on floor, wall and outdoor tile designs.

We are a tile supplier based in the West Midlands, at the heart of England. We believe each customer is unique so our services are tailored specifically to their needs and journey.

We pride ourselves in providing the latest design trends to our customers by challenging our thought processes through this ever-changing environment.

Why Buy Tiles From Ashlee Tiles?

We have a wide range of floor, wall and feature tiles for sale online. We offer exceptional service and quality through our highly qualified team to meet your needs.

Make your living space a place of envy, styled to your taste; whether you’re selecting tiles for a contemporary or traditional we have it all.

Your opinions and contributions are paramount throughout the duration of your project from start to finish.

If you see a tile that you like, but are unsure about, please click here to enquire for a free sample or just call us on 01922 722 122

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Our Belief

We believe in creating different ideas and designs that will fit with our your personal requirements, as making your home starts with interior finishes that scream your personality.

Our drive comes from seeing the finished design through our customer’s eyes.

We don’t just provide tiles online. Each project will have a unique and individual touch.

A Complete Service

Ashlee Tiles provide a start to finish service, with a 1:1 consultation, to truly understand the customer’s needs and ideas.

Our team treats each project as their own, working closely with the customer, providing a wide range of tile samples to give more variety and choice.

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  Talk To Us

We thrive on providing excellent customer service to each and every individual through a tailored experience.

Most people buy our tiles for kitchens, bathrooms and even exteriors, however we also provide a bespoke service to make sure our tiles fit into your vision of a perfect home.

Talk to us today and find out more:

Email: admin@ashleeinteriors.co.uk

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